2016 Workshops

Register for NJACP’s 2016 Workshops September 28 – 30, 2016 Conducting Serious Incident Investigations SUMMARY: Students attending this course will learn the fundamental principles of conducting investigations including: The role of speed, thoroughness and objectivity in the conduct of a real investigation. Fundamental definitions, such as relevance, types of evidence and forms in which evidence read more

Message from the CEO

ValValerie Sellers

This past June, I was invited to testify before the Senate Oversight Committee and to address two issues; the first being the transition to FFS and the second, the State’s Transition Plan. The following reflects the testimony that was provided.

Let me first start by saying that NJACP has been afforded an opportunity to work with DDD leadership throughout the rate setting process. They have solicited feedback and our input. I share this with you as this is not always the case with state regulatory agencies and for that we are truly appreciative. I’m hopeful that we will continue to have this cooperative working relationship. Having said that, you have asked that we address New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities’ transition from a contract-based reimbursement system to Fee-for-Service as well as New Jersey’s State Transition Plan and I am happy to speak to both of these issues. I would preface what I say by simply stating that my intention or that of my association is not to disparage DDD but rather to share with you what concerns the providers I represent have in regard to the significant changes they are facing.

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Member Spotlight

Bancroft Commemorates Opening of New Headquarters
Bancroft Grand Opening

NJACP member Bancroft celebrated the grand opening of new Corporate Headquarters in Cherry Hill on July 28th. Toni Pergolin, CEO/Chief Executive, spoke to attendees from the community, policymakers, and Bancroft staff about consolidating several locations in a new building, with enhanced programs, including, an office for BOSS (Bancroft Office Support Services). BOSS is a training read more

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NJACP provides support and services to its member agencies that serve our neighbors, family and friends living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  NJACP is an association with its members reflecting a dynamic community of diverse providers dedicated to advancing sustainable community based services and supports that enrich lives and build futures for people.  People with read more