Looking Ahead at the Federal Political Landscape

While attending an American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) Government Affairs Retreat in Baltimore, there was a focus on the federal political landscape. Shaping the scene is the upcoming election in November, where thirty three Senate seats are up along with the entire House of Representatives. The upcoming elections will exacerbate the ongoing read more

Message from the CEO

ValValerie Sellers

Providers, I continue to be in awe of the passion and commitment my members demonstrate every day as they create a better life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  I feel compelled to share this observation and my experiences with just about anyone and everyone I meet.  I suspect that after a year of hearing this, my family, friends and colleagues want to yell “I get it!”  But in reality, few people do “get it” or understand the challenges providers such as yourselves face on a day-to-day basis with limited funds, bureaucratic challenges, and the never ending need to educate and change perceptions of those that don’t understand the unique needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It is the role of NJACP to support you with all of these challenges to the greatest extent possible.  An  association is unique in that there can be great diversity among members; such is the case at NJACP.  And yet, the underlying foundation of any strong association is to meet the needs of all members regardless of size or budget.  In an association, members always come first. read more

Become a Member

There are many advantages in becoming a member of the New Jersey Association of Community Providers.
  • Advocacy
  • Access to advocacy tools
  • Up-to-date legislative and advocacy news
  • Bi-weekly electronic newsletter
  • Cost saving benefits
  • Education and training
  • Information sharing and networking
  • Opportunities for involvement

DOJ Continues to Look for Integrated Employment

Department of Justice (DOJ) representatives from the Civil Rights Division and Olmstead oversight enforcement section gave providers an overview of a new findings letter at the recent American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) Government Relations Retreat. The findings letter, issued on January 6, involves segregation in Rhode Island and its vocational, sheltered workshop read more


Member Spotlight

J-Add Dedicates State of the Art Home

NJACP is proud to announce NJACP member, the Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities (J-ADD), is dedicating a state of the art accessible home that was long envisioned and made possible by the generosity of many and especially, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Bressman.  J-ADD Executive Director, John Winer, commented that “the home has been created for read more

Who We Help

NJACP provides support and services to its member agencies that serve our neighbors, family and friends living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  NJACP is an association with its members reflecting a dynamic community of diverse providers dedicated to advancing sustainable community based services and supports that enrich lives and build futures for people.  People with read more